Outside Broadcast

Audio documentaries and radio broadcasts, 2014

Commissioned by Transported

Jan portrait (small version).jpeg

A commission to explore sound and sense of place in six small fenland villages in South Lincolnshire. What resulted was a set of audio documentaries that involved more than 70 people and which were broadcast live on Tulip Radio, the community radio station based in Spalding. Over six weeks, Tulip broadcast the documentaries, which are also available to listen to on line. 

ardening groups, local people, youth clubs, Women's Institute groups, talent competitions, local shops, pubs and clubs were involved in making recordings in a collection which contains hundreds of sounds, from music, poems, talks, walks and conversations and which reflect on history, identity, landscape and change.

Photographer David Severn worked with villagers and produced a set of portraits which were used in the booklet for a specially designed double-CD, distributed to all involved and to local village halls and churches for archiving. 

In addition to the live broadcasts, the project documentaries will be made part of the Lincolnshire archive collection, along with ten spoken interviews made during the research for the project. Listen to all of them below.