Village Player

Text score installation, 2013

Part of Appropriated Instructions, commissioned by The Post Methodists for the Broadcaster project


Village player makes the viewer simultaneously an amplifier and performer. This piece was part of a six-month project, Appropriated Instructions, with the Broadcaster involving five artists whose work spanned sound, photography, painting and performance. Each month a new work was installed in the Broadcaster notice boards.

"Appropriated Instructions explored the concept of instruction and examined its potential for giving us new understandings of our daily lives and routines. Can some very everyday instructions become a creative tactic to intervene or navigate in the everyday? Can a so connoted exhibiting space as a church board offer any room to present rules as a form of disruption?"

A village player or players, is a group of amateur actors who traditionally would have performed parable plays in their local community. For Village Player, field recordings approximately two minutes long, were made during walks around Waddington and Wellingore where the Broadcaster notice boards sit. I then wrote instructions/ scores for how a viewer might re-create the recordings and the sounds in them. By taking on the invitation to create the sounds and view them as elements of a sound piece, the viewer becomes a player and the piece, a way of playing back the field recording.

Artists participating in Appropriated Instructions were Bélen Cerezo, Geoff Diego Litherland, Rebecca Lee, Eva Marín and Rosaria Montero. The Broadcaster project consists of two permanent notice boards located outside converted Chapels in villages in rural Lincolnshire; Waddington and Wellingore. Each notice board is a venue for exhibitions curated by the Postmethodists. Read more about the Broadcaster Project on the Post Methodists’ website

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