Time Streams

Research project and residency, Active Ingredient, 2012

Relate (Timestreams) was as research programme which explored the scaling of artistic practice and public engagement to understand energy and climate change. Led by Active Ingredient in collaboration with RCUK’s Horizon Digital Economy Research Hub, University of Nottingham, Dr Carlo Buontempo a senior climate scientist at the MET Office UK and artist Silvia Leal, the year's activities included a school and community exchange and a residency with two artists groups in Brazil, where experimental works were developed using the technological resources that we were testing.  

Exploring the rituals of field research techniques, I developed a collaborative, international, 'field performance' to capture and then sychronise the audible response from the environment when the sun is rising. Over the first week, wherever we were staying, I took a field recording outside, from just before the dawn and through, roughly, the hour whilst the sun rose. An colleague in Nottingham did the same. The two field recordings were archived and then combined and mixed to create an impossible dawn soundscape: Alvorada Dawn.

I also created piano music to accompany the film, Before Light, documenting of a live performance made by Silvia Leal, using CO2 readings gathered outside of Miguel Pereira to determine the turning on and off of domestic lights in our lodgings. The music was created from the same binary code. Both works were presented at art space Barracao Maravilha, Rio de Janeiro, at the end of the residency in a public exhibition along with other experimental works from the group. To watch the full film for Before Light, click here

For the main research blog, visit http://horizab1.miniserver.com/relate/. You can read more about the project on the Active Ingredient site.