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The Heavy Note: Resounding in the Museum

Heavy note 2.jpg

The Heavy Note is a new audio art-work by Rebecca Lee developed through research collaboration at the University of Nottingham. It takes inspiration, information and material from the history of Brewhouse Yard in Nottingham.

Situated in the caves at the Museum of Nottingham Life at Brewhouse Yard, the work draws out and explores moments of intensity and rhythm by entwining four elements of the history of the site: the 17th century non-conformist Philadelphian group who met there, the ongoing presence and influence of water in the form of the river Leen, the 'cosmic ray' experiments that took place within the caves in the 1970s, and an individual, Lucy Towers, who was born there. The experimental piece explores 17th-century magical musical theory, water flows, cosmic data, and oral history to re-characterise the histories of the site and explore new possibilities for museum auralities and temporalities.

The piece can be visited at the weekends, Use the link below for more information on access and opening times.