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Taste of a Stone performances


I am one of a group of artists, musicians, writers, dancers and thinkers who have been invited to experiment and respond to Otobong Nkanga's Taste of a Stone installation, during her exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary. Huge tapestries, performances, drawings and installations trace all kinds of different botanical and geological histories in Otobong Nkanga’s work. This is the Antwerp-based Nigerian artist’s first solo show in this country.

Nkanga's exhibition is made up of two site-specific installations. Taste of a Stone brings the natural world into the gallery to create a landscape of boulders, pebbles, trees and other plants. This environment for contemplation is inhabited by local storytellers, musicians and dancers, as well as visitors. All are invited to share memories and moods. 

I'll be exploring the sound and function of clay xun and ocarinas, taking inspiration from magical spells cast by the Ocarina of Time (The Legend of Zelda) and minimalist long form pieces to make new-new age compositions. 

My upcoming performances are 1pm Friday 11th, 3pm Sunday 13th, 5pm Wednesday 23rd November; 5pm Sunday 11th December; 1.30pm Thursday 6th January.
On 23rd November, I’ll be performing with writer Wayne Burrows as her reads from his work, The Kumulipo Variations (from 'Exotica Suite’).

Please check the Nottingham Contemporary website for more information.